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Night Moves - Border on Border

Created by FunZachFilms "I've always loved music videos that have that behind the scenes feel so I wanted to combine footage given to me by the band with footage I've shot on my travels and adventures. I live in NYC so when Night Moves came through for a show I wanted to be there to capture the moment. I decided to shoot on VHS to give the video that nostalgic home movie feel. I spliced the live performance of Border on Border with a variety of shots of people I've met and places I've been to produce a mood to match the vibe of the song. I wanted the viewer to get to know the band better through this video and to feel like they were on the road with the band, sharing in the adventure of being on tour."

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Kelechi - Reachin

We searched for the next big thing in music with Green Label Sound: Open Call, which offered a $50,000 grant from Mtn Dew Green Label to produce an album, and a professional music video.

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